We made a poster to show what TANZICT does

We have already learned that it’s not easy to explain quickly and simply what TANZICT does. This is partially due to the fact that it’s divided into three quite different parts. So we made the following poster to visualize the big picture where TANZICT can provide support to different stakeholders, and also to explain the components in more detail.

Download the TANZICT poster

Download the poster by clicking on the picture and see for yourself! Does it make sense? Does it feel exciting to you? Comment below and let us know! Well make it better if this doesn’t work.


2 thoughts on “We made a poster to show what TANZICT does

  1. there is nothing here tangible guys.
    U need to work hard. I thought I could be able to find some more information especially on your pdf, but none.

    • Thanks for the comment Obi!

      Right now we are in the first two months of the project; meeting with different stakeholders, linking TANZICT with other initiatives (so we don’t do overlapping work) and planning what we will start implementing in the next 1-2 months. That’s why there isn’t much tangibles on the pdf yet.

      What we are doing right now, is for example equipping and furnishing a space for the local ICT & entrepreneur community and a pre-incubation space for students of universities to work on their business ideas. The meeting space will be used for example for Mobile Monday meetings, facilitated business idea & prototype workshops and project work helping students develop their business and start-up skills. The pre-incubator space will provide a space and support for starting entrepreneurs and teams with ICT-enabled business ideas to bring their ideas to a level where they’re ready to start a company based on it.

      What are the tangible things or support you would like to see from the TANZICT-project? What is currently missing? At this point we really welcome all input and want to co-create the actual implementation of the project together.

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