Innovation space renovation starts this week

It’s going to be busy next two weeks, because we are getting ready for the 31.10. opening of the innovation space at COSTECH. The space used to be a library but it wasn’t used enough so we started to develop ideas together on what it could be instead.

In the TANZICT project plan there was already an idea of opening a space where the ICT community, entrepreneurs, universities, industry, international partners and public stakeholders could interact, develop ideas and work together. We’ve had help from Carol, a great local designer, in developing the first sketch of the space that would allow us to launch the place at 31.10. and when develop it further with the community and activities taking place there.

Here you can see what the space looks like right now at the starting point:

The first two pictures are from the ‘workshop’ or ‘meeting place’, and the one on the right from the ‘pre-incubation space’.

As you can see, there are no designated names or fixed purposes yet. What ideas do you have? Are there similar or related places that have inspired you and give ideas and examples here?


6 thoughts on “Innovation space renovation starts this week

  1. Hi,
    I’m very happy to see some people have started taking some initiative to establish things which I have been wishing we should have here in Dar es salaam. I hope this space should save as an open space for technologist and young entrepreneur.

    One of the biggest challenge for some young developer here in Dar (as per my little experience) is the availability of reliable power, high speed internet connection as well as testing devices. We are also lacking some meeting spaces where you can meet with people related to your field and exchange some ideas.

    My suggestion is if it is possible you should establish means where someone can apply for the membership (pay some small amount of money). With this membership you will be able to get access to work space and some facilities.

    I have been inspired by iHub(Kenya), ActiveSpaces(Cameroon), Appfrica, BantaLabs(Senegal), GeekSpace, HivoCoLabs, m:Lab East Africa(Kenya), NaiLab(Kenya) etc.


  2. Hi Hamisi!

    Thanks for your contribution! It’s very important for us to hear that you have felt the need for what we are doing and see it as a good thing. “Open space for a technologist and young entrepreneur” and “meeting people from the field and exchanging ideas” is very well in line with what we’re planning and have to been talking about with people. That list of inspiring places is great and many are new for me!

    Your question of membership is also very good, because we want to develop a sustainable model for running the place. We can help in launching the space, developing the activities and the community, but we are thinking of a long-term sustainable business model from start.

    More thoughts from others or something to follow-up on these points?

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  4. Jukka – if you have time in Pretoria while Safipa 2011 Conference drop by Knowledge Commons in CSIR campus. Really nice setup for collaboration headed by Elmi Bester. They have good simple solution for working stations for groups and individuals and really good cafe 🙂

    • Hi Juliana! We just launched officially on this Monday Oct. 31st, but the first community events kick off next week with MoMo Dar on Monday Nov. 7th and Apps4Africa Climate Challenge Brainstorming session on Nov. 12th. Ushahidi people and iHubbers are most welcome! 🙂

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