What do you want to learn from SAFIPA 2011 Conference?

Tomorrow morning many of us from the TANZICT team will be meeting at the airport at 4.30am for a flight to Johannesburg to attend the SAFIPA 2011 conference in Pretoria and meeting with other interesting South African innovation initiatives.


SAFIPA is short for the South Africa-Finland Knowledge Partnership in ICT and Kristiina, our TANZICT Chief Technical Advisor, used to work at this project earlier. SAFIPA supported many ICT initiatives and technical innovations that are now in use and being run as businesses. Many have very interesting social, educational and ICT4D impact that we can learn from and see if they could be replicated here.

If you’re interested, check these links to the SAFIPA website and see if there’s something you’d like to learn more about or ask. Post the question below or send it in email, and we’ll find the person to answer it.

Other places we plan to visit and learn from are The Innovation Hub, Reseach Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, CSIR Meraka Institute, Department of Science and Technology and the Infopreneur Network.

We’ll tweet, take photos and blog during the learning expedition! Follow us and ask questions!


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