Design sketch of the innovation space at COSTECH

A few days ago we told about starting to renovate the innovation space at COSTECH. We already got some valuable feedback in the comments and now here at the SAFIPA conference we’ve been also thinking about space in different discussions and how it relates to what we’ve learned here.

Here are some related issues that have come up in many presentations and discussions:

  • Innovation and ICT are key strategic priorities in for development; many governments have recognized this and are now looking for practical models of implementation.
  • Connectivity and broadband access is still a struggle in many places.
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs lack access to spaces where can get support, meet each other and customers, and access technical and training resouces.
  • The path from an idea into commercialized innovation needs to be formalized so it can be explained and put into practice.
  • Entrepreneurs and their needs are not always understood by public entities, they need to asked and involved in planning support systems.
  • There’s a great need for flexible funding mechanisms; the question is their sustainability. Once you’ve funded 10 great projects, what happens to the next 10?
  • Entire society needs to be leveraged for development; this needs a shared vision, tools for communication and open innovation platforms.

We made a 1-page concept paper with the initial design sketch of the space for this conference. Have a look at it below:

What is happening right now, is that the walls are being repainted and over the weekend and next week we should receive the basic furniture so we can formally launch the space on Oct. 31st and then start the activities with everyone involved.

What do you think? Does this seem relevant in providing an environment to start building the path from ideas into sustainable innovations together with universities, entrepreneurs, industry and public stakeholders?


2 thoughts on “Design sketch of the innovation space at COSTECH

  1. Looks very good, open elements are really essential, and well visible in your concept drawing. Making space as flexible as possible, for larger group events, teamwork and project work allows things to emerge. One element to be added would be private space, phonebooth – for phone calls / Skype calls. In the era of openness some things are still for limited audiences 🙂 Also it would be good to have a space for 2-3 people confidential discussion.Usage of these space should be limited time only and by reservation. … Good luck with your new Hub !

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