Hezron’s learnings after the first SAFIPA conference day

My name is Hezron Makundi and I work at COSTECH on areas of research, commercialization and foresight. I joined the delegation to SAFIPA conference to learn especially about approaches for commercializing research and innovations. Here are my thoughts after the first conference day.

Beyond the tendency of funding R&D there is a massive public investment in supporting commercialization of innovative ideas.  This
can be seen through organization that funds or co-funds commercialization lead by TIA. There are also some initiatives to nurture innovative ideas including incubators (The Innovation Hub), and mentor-ship services on entrepreneurship, intellectual properties and marketing. We have started the incubator on ICT (DTBI) we need to consider extending into other services to our entrepreneurs as well.

The second interesting lesson I have learned here is the fact that many of the innovations within SAFIPA project comes from young people. There is a clear signal that by investing heavily on talents of our young generations we can make our country innovative and be able to leapfrog.


One thought on “Hezron’s learnings after the first SAFIPA conference day

  1. Thank you Hezron ! And you are so right, active young people can make the difference,
    and ICT can help in so many various areas. Innovations are hiding behind every challenge.
    All the best for the second day in Safipa Conference 🙂

    – Minna

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