SAFIPA Publication: ‘A Practical Approach to ICT for Development’ has a lot of ideas and reflection

I think everyone of us who visited SAFIPA end conference last week learned more there then we could actually expect. Our Ministry’s delegation had several talks which their South African counterpart Department of Science and Technology, and they got a chance to strengthen an already existing bilateral partnership between the ministries. Staff from COSTECH and Dar Teknohama Business Incubator were interested in the innovation system structures, developing incubation models further and commercialization of research.

The SAFIPA programme serves as a great benchmark for us, because it achieved a lot of concretic results through an interplay of grant funding for ICT4D projects, capacity building program and different networking and knowledge exchange activities. What’s even better, they actually made a very easy to read publication to share their learnings. You can download it from the link below.

Download: A Practical Approach to ICT4D - Perspectives from the SAFIPA Programme

Download publication

There’s a lot in the book to absorb on one sitting, but for me personally the highlights were how they supported developing the ideas by coaching even before the actual submission for the grant program and how the project teams commended on time spent together with the SAFIPA team and experts. I was also nice to read how many participants commended on the knowledge exchange trips saying they had learned about a new culture of open and organic collaboration, which already resulted in formation of new knowledge sharing networks in South Africa during the project.

As a whole I got a new overview and meaning for the term ICT4D and the different ways it can be approached and implemented. It’s been exciting to discuss this with my colleagues at COSTECH, because already today I’ve heard of many rural and local governance ICT-projects in Tanzania that directly relate to this publication.

TANZICT Associate Expert

PS. We have some printed copies of the book coming in the mail, so let us know if you wish to have one.


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