WhereIsMyTransport presented to a full house of IT students

WhereIsMyTransport is a startup founded by Devin and Chris – two  IT graduates from University of Cape Town – who have developed an environment to manage fleets of public transport also providing users of public transport mobile information on when the next bus or train is arriving.

They were supported by SAFIPA program and now they are growing and recruiting their first employees. Chris and Devin presented their story at the SAPIFA conference a couple of weeks ago and were invited to Tanzania’s 50th Anniversary Science Week by the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology to share their experiences with young Tanzanian entrepreneurs and IT students.

Click to see more photos in the Flickr gallery

Following the presentation there were a lot of questions on how much time and money they have invested to their product, what are the software development environments they have used, what is the business model behind the system, how many customers they currently have, how they keep their life in balance with being entrepreneurs and constantly working on the system… There was also discussion on how the universities in Tanzania could support better for example learning programming on the latest environments and mobile devices; and how different informal learning situations, learning with friends and support groups could help address this issue.

If you want to learn more about how WhereIsMyTransport works, check out the great video they’ve made:

Thanks for visiting Chris and Devin! We hope your story and experiences encourage young entrepreneurs and IT students here to believe in their ideas and working long and hard to realize them like you have!


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