Quick summary of last Saturday’s Apps4Africa event

Here’s is a quick summary of last Saturday’s Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge brainstorming session for those who couldn’t join us. The event started – appropriately for the theme – in heavy rain and we only got about half of the people present who had signed up. Nevertheless, the event was actually very good with interesting presentations, debate about climate change and brainstorming on the possibilities for the competition apps.

Johnpaul and Darlene opened the session by telling the about the competition rules and possibilities for entries. Even a great idea can win and then be implemented with the prize money!

Then Prof. Adolpho Mascarenhas took the stage with a thought-provoking presentation urging participants to ask more questions about the climate change, to see opportunities and not only threats in the issue. He emphasized how we as people have been clever to adapt to changes in the environment before and we can do it now as well. Great start for the brainstorming!

The two other presenters we Mr. Yassin Mkwizu and Ms. Khairoon Abbas. Yassin talked about his PhD study on the effect of climate change in East African communities, presenting the science of climate change. Khairoon gave an inspiring talk about how youth can tackle climate change by making more sustainable choices and she also showed great YouthXchange training kit materials that educate young people on the issue.

Then it was really the time for brainstorming! Catherinerose gave loppipops on good ideas and right answers to climate trivia. Participants where encouraged to think through the eyes of the ordinary people, approaching the issue from a wide perspective. As the categories for entry are broad, there are a lot of possibilities what the apps could touch on.

We agreed to organize a follow-up session on Dec. 3rd 10.00-14.00 at COSTECH so you can refine the ideas for the competitions and write a winning submission!

Now it’s time to think! The competition is open until Dec. 20th in East Africa.

Enter your idea here!

PS. Full photos gallery of the event available in Flirck under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike -licence.


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