Want to get better on pitching? Join our pitching evening next week on Dec.1st

Want to learn how to pitch your ideas well to customers, funders, investors, developers or your boss? You could be pitching your product, project or business idea – something you believe in and you want others to believe in the idea as well.

So you need to learn how to present your idea quickly, clearly, comprehensively, highlighting the benefits and showing the feasibility in 3-5 minutes? This is not an easy task and the only way to get good at it is to practice, preferably in front of a live audience to get constructive feedback.

So here’s your chance! We are organizing a pitching evening at COSTECH (innovation space, ground floor) on Thursday next week, December 1st from 17.00-19.00. You can come just to listen in on the pitches and ideas, or to pitch yourself. All pitchers will get valuable feedback from our honorable panel:
– Acting DG of COSTECH
– Mr Marlon Parker, RLabs
– Mr George Mulamula, CEO of Dar Teknohama Business Incubator
– Mr Kishor Kumar, Tanzania Country Manager at Samsung Electronics

Just to make things a bit more interesting and encourage coming well-prepared for your pitch, the best pitch of the evening will win a Samsung smartphone, sponsored by Samsung Electronics!

Here is how it will work. We will take 8 pitchers by pre-registration using the form below. If there are more pitchers, we’ll determine pitchers for this time based on the registration info. First pitch starts at 17.15 sharp (it could be yours) and they will be in random order.  Time will be limited (and presentation cut) at 3 minutes. Computer and projector will be available, so you can use presentation from a usb drive. Internet connection is not guaranteed. Feedback and questions are given after each pitch. Judges will determine the best pitch (and winner of the smartphone) on the combination of pitching technique and the idea being pitched.

You’re also welcome to come to the event just to listen, learn, talk and network, but please register in that case also.

See you next Thursday! Come enthusiastic, come eager, come well-prepared! There are good resources online for preparing your pitch, like this one by Dave McLure.


PS. Download poster to share the event on your notice board.


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