Presentation notes from UDSM Roadshow

During this week and next week we will meet nearly all Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Telecoms students from 2nd year onwards at UDSM. Staff and lecturers at College of ICT have organized us nice meeting slots with the students at the end of their classes.

Today we had the first meeting at Kijitonyama campus with 3rd year Computer Engineering students and we promised to share the presentation here, because we didn’t have much time to discuss the questions at the end of the day’s final class.

So here’s a 10 min introduction to TANZICT and especially Tanzania Innovation Program. It’s not prepared to be ‘self-sufficent’ without the talking part, but we hope it gives some idea of the activities and raises questions and curiosity.

The first comment in the session today was to question “What is holding you back?” One student raised the point that it is impossible to focus on developing our ideas and extracurricular projects with a full course load. Another also suggested that we could use the practical training period at UDSM as an intensive period for the activities. Great feedback and good news related to this is that the College of ICT is already working on being able to give study credits on these activities through practical training.

Any additional questions and comments are welcome via the comment field below. You can of course call or email us through the contact information as well. See you in the next sessions!

Update: Some comments that came in the later sessions were that it would be great if there was an open working space for teamwork, if we could set up a mobile development lab with tools and devices for app development and testing for different platforms, and if the incubatees could get some financial support.


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