Wrap-up of Marlon’s workshop on Dec. 1st

There’s been so much happening in the last few days that we have time just now write about them and share some bits of what happened. Last Thursday on Dec. 1st, 2011 we organized a workshop together with Mr Marlon Parker from RLabs. Theme of the workshop was how to use ICT for social change with an entrepreneurial approach. The RLabs approach encourages people to look for resources around them from a different angle and concentrate on what they already have.

RLabs started when the some members of Cape Flats community decided that they can and should do something about the community which had a lot of problems with drugs, gangs and crime. They started a small ICT training center using a local community center with one computer and instead of training people on how to use operating systems and wordprocessors, they taught people how to share their stories via blogging and other social media tools. That started a snowball effect and now three years later RLabs is a global movement working in 14 countries and operating as a social enterprise. We’ll let you hear rest of the story from Marlon via the following YouTube videos:

After sharing the story Marlon facilitated a brainstorming session where the idea was to come up with social issues in Tanzania and could be taken up from the community level.

Brainstorming - click to see full event gallery in Flickr

The initial brainstorming concluded that there are four problems 😉 in Tanzania and two teams decided to address two of them: access to higher education and youth unemployment. Here’s are the results of the teams’ work in their presentations:

In the following discussion people co-created the idea of community universities addressing those needs who can’t enter formal university education. Brilliant!


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