Apps4Africa session on Saturday (re)invented the winning wheel

Last Saturday we held a follow-up session for the Apps4Africa Climate Challenge brainstorming session together with Catherinerose and Johnpaul from Pamoja Initiatives. The idea of the follow-up session was bring people together to work on their competition submissions and to give feedback on the ideas and submission write-up.

It was a good turnout as we ended up working through and giving feedback to six ideas for the competition. There were also quite many new participants in this session who weren’t at the original brainstorming / kickoff session. They formed two teams and started brainstorming on an idea for the challenge from scratch.

The team in the picture came up with a pretty incredible coincidence. First, they all happened to be from different universities (Ardhi, Mzumbe, St. Joseph, University of Dodoma and University of Dar es Salaam) and different degree programs (property and facility management, entrepreneurship development, information systems and computer science). Second, they didn’t know the details of the competition beforehand, so first they studied the rules and competition idea. Then they spent an hour brainstorming together and presented the idea, which turned out to be almost exactly the same as last year’s winning idea from Kenya (but they didn’t know about it)! They now have to decide whether they develop it further and differentiate it, whether they’ll come up with a new one or just work to implement this idea in Tanzania.

Anyway, this is a great example of the potential in the university students in Tanzania! We think we just need more opportunities to bring them together and work in teams where people come from different backgrounds. More events, competitions and get-togethers and that stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving…

Now all the competitors just need to finalize and submit their ideas before Dec. 20th so the winner of Apps4Africa will be a Tanzanian team this year!

More details about the follow-up session in the Flickr photo set.



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