African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC) coming up in January

Another superinteresting and big innovation challenge is launching next month – we just got the following message from Justin Arenstein who is managing it and asked to spread the word.

I just thought I’d alert you to a new $1m innovation fund for African digital entrepreneurs.

We’re looking for ideas you think would revolutionise African journalism, by changing the way that African media gathers news and engages with audiences. Successful applicants will get cash + engineering support + business mentorship + tickets to world media conferences (SxSW, Le Web, etc) to market their project. The cash portion of the grants range from $12,500 to $100,000.

The competition website will only launch later this month, with the call for entries scheduled for late Jan 2012. But, we’ve set up a basic FB pg at for people to begin registering their interest + to be kept in the loop on any developments. The FB pg also has links to the press releases, presentations, procedures, etc.

The fund is being championed by the continent’s largest umbrella association of media owners and operators, the African Media Initiative (AMI), in partnership with the ICFJ and major funders such as Google, Omidyar Networks, the Gates Foundation, the Knight Foundation, and others. The World Association of Newspapers & News Producers (WAN-IFRA) has also pledged business mentoring, global marketing, and other business support services for winners.

I’m helping manage the fund, so shout if anyone has questions, or suggestions.



3 thoughts on “African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC) coming up in January

  1. Hi Mafole! We really hope that Tanzanians take up the challenge. In fact, if there is enough interest from people in Dar, we’d be happy to host a barcamp / hackathon using local Open Data to show people how to build stuff like using Tanzanian budget information. If people are interested, they should register on the ANIC Fabebook page, & tell us they’d like a local workshop / dev event. We are doing one in Kenya in late January, with experts from Europe & the US — so, it might be a good time to take them to Dar as well? Cheers. Justin

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