Be Legendary – Motto of TeleCtronics student club at DIT

Last Friday, Dec. 16th, 13 electronics and telecoms students of Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) visited the innovation space as a follow-up to our presentation of TANZICT on the DIT campus on Dec. 7th. They came to find out what we are exactly doing and how we could use the innovation space together.

They have recently formed a student club called TeleCtronics with the goal of transforming DIT to a world class centre in engineering, applied science and entrepreneurship. Their club emphasizes studying sciences, practical learning, entrepreneurship and technological awareness. Not a bad starting point in regard to our program goals… 🙂

We had a great chat over a couple of hours and we ended up taking countless of different group photos. We agreed to do some club activities and events together at the innovation space and we of course welcome DIT students to all of our upcoming events and activities as well. The motto of the TeleCtronics club is Be Legendary and judging from their ideas and initiative they sure will be!


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