Creativity and innovation sparked enthusiasm at Tumaini University in Iringa

In the beginning of last week we visited Tumaini University in Iringa on invitation of Prof. Matti Tedre from their Computer Science program. Matti introduced us to Mr. Hosea Mpogole, Head of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (TU-CED), Mr. Deo Sabokwigina, Assistant Head at TU-CED and Dr. Bukaza Chachage, Associate at TU-CED who we mainly discussed with about collaborative activities.

There was one area where we found possibilities for collaboration instantly. TU-CED was planning to start a business plan competition in the beginning of next year, but they were still unsure of how to unleash the creativity in the students and enable them to think out of the box. We have experience in using different kinds of creativity and innovation tools and methods for generating new ideas and so we decided to make this a joint effort and work with the Tumaini University staff in training in the use of these tools and methods, and organize a brainstorming workshop together for the students to kick off the business plan competition. It will be very interesting to see what comes out of mixing students of ICT, business and theology in the brainstorming sessions!

We also talked with three groups of students to find out about their expectations on Tumaini supporting them in entrepreneurship. Clear feedback we got from them was the need to follow-up and support them in later stages after the business plan competition.  They also shared with us many common fears and questions on becoming an entrepreneur, such us how to protect one’s idea, how to recover from failure and what kind of support or places of operation they could find from Iringa.

All in all, a great visit of two days (third we spent at the Ukombozi school). Iringa is a beautiful town and it will be very nice to go back in January!

Check out the photo gallery of the visit in Flickr:


One thought on “Creativity and innovation sparked enthusiasm at Tumaini University in Iringa

  1. Students should create dashboards/pages and apps showcasing Africa opportunities and issues at
    Easy to build but very effective for awareness building and communications with access to tons of data.

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