Photoblog of the visit of Hon. Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, Vice President of Zanzibar

Today was certainly an exciting day as His Excellency, the Honourable Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad visited COSTECH, and Dar Teknohama Business Incubator and TANZICT as the same time. The event started with welcoming address and a presentation by COSTECH Director General Dr Hassan Mshinda and continued with an exhibition the DTBi incubatees had built in the pre-incubation space.

We also got a chance to introduce TANZICT to His Excellency, and presented the SAFIPA end publication as a token of appreciation to share experiences of Finland’s science, technology and innovation programs in Southern Africa.

The event concluded in the conference hall with discussions between His Excellency, Hon. Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, Permanent Secretary Florens Turuka of Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology, and COSTECH on collaboration in science and technology between Zanzibar and the mainland of Tanzania.

The following Flickr gallery was photographed together by Jukka Siltanen, Martha Ndenuka and DTBi incubatees. Enjoy and share the photos under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution-NonCommencial-ShareALike -license.


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