Idea session with Justin Arenstein on the Africa News Innovation Challenge on Jan 30th

Remember back in Mid-December when we wrote about the upcoming Africa News Innovation Challenge?

Well, it’s drawing closer and we just heard that Mr. Justin Arenstein is coming to visit Dar at the end of January. He is managing African Media Initiative’s $1m fund, the African News Innovation Challenge. Purpose of ANIC is to kickstart experimentation in the media with new technologies.

Winners will receive seed grants ranging from $12,500 to a maximum of $100,000 for more ambitious projects. To ensure that grantees build robust business models, winners will also receive technical advice and start-up support, as well as one-on-one mentoring from some of the world’s leading media experts.

The contest will target solutions to technology challenges facing African media, including ways to strengthen data-based investigative journalism, audience engagement, mobile news distribution, data visualization, revenue streams and workflow systems. For more information on, please check here:

On his visit to Dar, Mr. Arenstein is interested in meeting technologists and media people to talk about ANIC and another one of his projects that aims to foster collaborations between those two groups, HACKS/HACKERS.

So make this happen, we agreed to setup up an idea session at the COSTECH innovation space on Jan 30th @ 18.30-20.30 for technologists and media practitioners to meet Mr. Arenstein and discuss ideas related to the challenge and the themes above.

Interested in taking part in the session?!? We are too!!

Register for the session simply by submitting your email address below, so we can inform you if there are any changes in Mr. Arensteins schedule and we know when the space is maxed out:

Edited 25.1.2012: Please notice changed time to evening – based on request of Justin’s organizing team and feedback from people tied to office hours who’d like to participate!  


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