Financing your Ideas and Innovation Jan. 9th MoMoDar

Happy New Year Everyone!

On Monday last week, we had the first Mobile Monday event of this year with the Theme Financing  Ideas and Innovations.

Two great speakers were invited to present their views on how to access funds and take an idea to a business with regard to their experience in the filed of entrepreneurship.

The first speaker was Feruzi, who had a great and simple presentation on how to take an idea into business. He pointed out this great business model “Where is the money and How do you get the Money”. Lets say you have this terrific idea, you have identified your potential clients, just put in mind that those clients have your money in their pockets so it is just the matter of getting that money from their pockets.  When that idea already pops out into your mind start working on it and put it in the market because there is always room for improvements that is why there are new versions in software applications and stop wasting time writing up the visions and missions for your idea. Hey, here is something else do not listen to those who will tell you that your idea will never work because it will never work. You can download and share Feruzi’s slides under Creative Commons licence. You can also watch Feruzi’s presentation on the MoMoDar YouTube-channel: Part 1 & Part 2.

It was pretty interesting presentation, you will be inspired to be an entrepreneur after.

You know the famous Masoud Kipanya, yes he was there as the second presenter. You are aware of his show the Maisha Plus. He also presented his experience on entrepreneurship. He pretty much stated that he started the first show of Maisha Plus with no cash money, he would borrow a ride from a friend and just fill the tank also if it is the hotel, the hotel manager would give out the rooms if he advertise the hotel in his show so it was more like barter trade. After the show picked up he got sponsorship from Vodacom. So hey sometimes you do not need cash money to start up your idea you can try barter trade of services. Watch Kipanya’s presentation in YouTube: Part 1 & Part 2.

After the presentations we had a short activity of writing up the advantages, disadvantages, questions, opinions on different sources of funds like bank loans, matching loans/grants, living allowances for full time pre incubation and what type of ideas/innovations to be supported. Hezron Makundi and Kristiina Lähde initiated the activity about the innovation fund (available in YouTube). Different opinions were written down by the participants, you can also suggest via the comments column.

The activity was in parallel with networking among the different participants while enjoying the refreshments that were prepared.

After the networking, Tony from the local Google Technology User Group (GTUG) told everyone about the upcoming Google Developer Days on Feb 2-3rd. Then the discussions continued on how to make the MoMo event more successfully and active, the MoMo team enquired of different ideas from the participants on themes and how to increase the number of participants. Please advise the team by commenting out your suggestions.

The next Mobile Monday will be on 6th February, 2012.

As usual, here are all the photos from the last event under CreativeCommons 2.0:

-Irene Joseph on behalf of the MoMo team

PS. We almost forgot the Bambuser streams we filmed during the event!!
Hamisi (our MC) sharing what he expects from the event
Baraka from Mzumbe university sharing what he expects from the event
Edwin from POPOTE sharing his thoughts on the speakers
Michael from POPOTE sharing what he thought of the presentations
Benedict from the MoMo team shares his thoughts for further development on MoMoDar


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