DTBi and TANZICT open a joint call for Pre-Incubation and Business Incubation

Great news! We have just opened the application form for the Pre-Incubation and Business Incubation programs together with Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi).

We would like to invite people with ICT-based business or product ideas, and high-potential ICT-startups and companies to apply for these programmes. The programs will start in March. Apply by February 27th, 2012 (extended deadline).

Here’s a short overview of the programs:

TANZICT Pre-Incubation programme will be built around the needs and challenges of the selected teams/entrepreneurs. We can accept very early-stage ideas, and would like to see them have a developmental impact to Tanzania besides the potential to build a sustainable business model around the idea. We want you to take advantage of our Innovation Space and the community developing around it, and want to see you both seek and give peer support within the preincubation programme. We would prefer teams over solitary innovators, and would like you to be able to committ to at least 3 months to the program with a minimum of 25 hours a week working on your idea. If you are working or studying elsewhere, this can happen over evenings or weekends.

DTBi Pre-Incubation starts where TANZICT ends. It aims to create a business of the ideas and even for those not going through TANZICT can be supported as long as they developed a prototype requiring marketing and the creation of a company. Commitment required is on a full-time basis with graduation occurring between 3 to 6 months after start of programme.

DTBi Business Incubation program is for ICT SMEs that need to increase their annual turnover by being given support in various areas, including: Accounting, Marketing, Networking, to name a few. This can be virtual or onsite incubation with graduation about 3 years after start of the programme.

Full details and a link to application form:


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