Google Map Party on Saturday (Feb 4th)

Most of us are at g|Tanzania Thursday and Friday, but here are already the details of the Saturday’s mapping party from Google! The party will be held at COSTECH innovation space, ground floor, starting from 11am sharp, so please be in time… 😉

A Google Map party is an event in which a group of people get together to map their world… often a specific area such as a town or city. Avid cartographers (like you!) use Google Map Maker to add and edit roads, streams, schools, and more. Following a review for accuracy, new additions and edits are incorporated in Google Maps for millions of people around the world to see and use!

Here is the agenda for the day:
11:00-11:15 – Arrive at venue, meet and greet
11:15-11:30 – Presentation by event leader, overview of focus area for mapping
11:30-13:00 – Start mapping
13:00-14:00 – Quick break for questions/group discussion, refreshments
14:00-15:45 – Continue mapping
15:45-16:00 – Wrap up, feedback, and encourage everyone to continue mapping

Register here!


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