User-Interfaces Design. Making technology friendly on March 31st & April 14th

We can even state that the coffee pot in the picture makes the best coffee ever. But honestly, would you use it?

Don’t tell us, we already know your reply. It’s just the same reaction of most of the people, when you try to introduce new IT products in the market.

“Non-techie” users are fascinated about the idea behind innovation, of course. But how many times are they afraid of approaching new softwares and devices, seeing that they’re difficult to use?

Nobody likes to feel frustrated when they’re not able to use a system in a productive and pleasant way. On the other hand, an easy-to-use interface makes technologic platforms more reliable and safe against human errors.

Most of the times it doesn’t take a genius to solve the problem. It’s just a matter of knowing how the human mind works, how people react when facing a new product, and how language of images, shapes and colors is read in different settings. But which are these rules and guidelines?

Sometimes, a simple testing session involving users can be a good indicator of the success of your product – and an engaging challenge for your work team! But how to arrange and evaluate it properly?


This story is from Gisella Gallenca, a passionate UI designer, with whom we have been talking about organizing a workshop or training related to user-interface design together with the ICT / techie community.

Now, the question where we’d like to have your reply: As developer, engineer, entrepreneur, would you invest some of your time learning how to improve usability of your products? Do you think that good design of user interfaces is relevant about the quality of what you’re selling?

Update 7.3.2012:
Here is Gisella’s proposal for the topics that could be covered in the workshop:

  • User Centered Design principles with examples
  • Prototyping and tests with users; making low-fi concepts, then heuristic analysis and very “simplified” usability tests
  • Time allowing or later also talk about UI design for websites and for mobile, and other things more focused on user experience and emotional design.
Update 9.3.2012:
The workshop will be in two parts:
  1. part on the user interface design principles on Sat. afternoon, March 31st, 3pm-6pm
  2. part on the prototyping and testing on the following Sat. afternoon, April 14th, 3pm-6pm

If these topics sound interesting, register for the sessions with the form below:


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