What happened on Pitch Camp, Feb 16h?

Imagine you have this great idea or you have a company that does a certain activity example a development of a certain application that if a telecom company buys it u win big. For instance you run into Innovation Manager of any telecom company in an elevator and you want him to buy your product, what do you do? You have only like 2 minutes to present  him about your idea in an elevator, that is what is know an Elevator Pitch. Selling your idea to potential clients in few minutes.

On February 16th we held a Pitch Camp training at the Innovation Space where we had about 7 individuals trained on different tricks on how to do a perfect Elevator Pitch. An Elevator Pitch was defined as an overview of product, idea, service, project, person, or other Solution to a problem and is designed to just get a conversation start and designed to quickly catch the attention of the audience, persuade them to pay attention to what you have to say, and convince them that they want to hear more. An elevator pitch does this by answering basic – but all too often overlooked – questions like

  • What is it?
  • Who needs it?
  • Why do they need it?
  • Who are U to see the problem and to build the solution?

With these above knowledge on how to pitch and other added information it got the individuals to start preparing their 15 sec pitch with the ideas that they had. Each individual pitched his/her the idea to the group and different feedback were provided after every pitch. Later preparations for 2 minutes pitch were prepared and practiced to be presented to the judge panel and videos were shot and uploaded on YouTube.

The judging panel consisted of Araf Sykes, director and owner of Internet Solutions (2010) and Kristiina Lähde of TANZICT. At the end of the session winner of the best pitch, Anthony Nyagilo, was awarded a book called Rework plus a certificate of training. The rest of the participants were given certificate of training.

Pitch is the process of selling your idea to potential clients of your product and service. During the Pivot East Event the finalists of the Mobile App Competition will be required to pitch their ideas to a panel in Nairobi. So if you interested on how to learn regarding Pitch just add your comments below.

The training was conducted by TANZICT in collaboration with Pamoja Initiatives and we will be happy to organize another pitch training session if there are new people interested!

Finally, here is the winning pitch of the Pitch Camp by Anthony Nyagilo – Congratulations for good work Anthony!

Here are also links to all the other pitches and the photos from the event:

Irene Joseph
Maswi Emmanuel
Theresia Kato
Alfred Kaizirege
Simon Mtabazi
Edwim Myalla

Click on the gallery to see photos


3 thoughts on “What happened on Pitch Camp, Feb 16h?

  1. You guys real do a lot of good things,nimefurahia all the activities and i wish i could get such a valuable opportunity, when are you going to hold another pitch camp?and how do i apply to get into it?

  2. Hi Jerry, thank you for your comment, it will depend on how many people who will be interested on pitching, there will be an another pitch event which we have not yet scheduled a specific date, we usually post it on our events page then you apply online if you interested.

  3. wow.. this is soo not real. Seeing myself on Youtube pitching? lol.. it looks wierd but i guess i better get used to it. I cant wait for the next pitch camp training. Thanks Juka

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