MoMoDar Special: Girls’ Night Out – Social Media

The Pivot East workshop replaced the normal first-Monday-of-the-month Mobile Monday session. As it would have been a shame to waste a perfectly good Monday evening, the ladies decided to hijack the time, and organised the first ever women-only MoMoDar session on Social Media.

The first Very Scientific Finding of the evening was the fact, that despite Dar es Salaam traffic, women arrived earlier than men usually do. Very soon after the announced starting time the place was buzzing!

Catherinerose discovers that everyone likes chocolate

Catherinerose Barretto from Pamoja Initiatives was the energetic MC of the evening, and started us off with a little exercise to help us to get to know each other. Every table was told to find things they all had in common. And we had lots! Everyone was on Facebook, and everyone liked chocolate… and some other things as well but we are not telling.

Pernille and Dunia Duara

The first speaker was Pernille aka Dunia Duara. She shared her own experiences and also a lot of practical tips on how she makes the most of social media. She promised that we can post her slides (download in pdf), if we remind people that it was meant to be seen with a verbal presentation. She also promised anyone with a question about it can contact her. You’ll find the contacts from her blog, for example.

Elsie, the writer of the Mikocheni report spoke about her motives for blogging, and how she balances a personal blog with writing a column for East African. We also heard that finding out your mother reads your blog can influence the amount of four-letter words you use in your blog.

Biche aka Chick About Town

Last speaker was Chick About Town, also known as Biche. Did you know she studied electrical engineering? She shared her strategy of blogging as a business. I know I was a little envious as she described some of the things she has been able to do because of her career choices.

We ended the session with a lively discussion of whether we will have more ICT-themed Girls’ Night Out -evenings (Yes!) and on what topics. Follow this blog and you shall see.

The participants and organisers would like to thank the one-man male waiter service:

Here are all the photos from the evening:


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