Electronic access control at Innovation space, you need to be registered to get in!

COSTECH has activated an electronic access control system in the building today. This system also includes use of the innovation space.

Since opening the innovation space, we have asked everyone using it to register. From today, unless you have registered won’t be able to access the space. We have provided the reception desk and the guards with an official list of registered members. You will get a temporary electronic access card by showing your official ID against your name on the registration sheet. You need to return the access card upon leaving the space to reception or the guards.

Good news! You can still register! Read the updated rules and guidelines also.

Reception and the guards don’t have realtime access to the registrations, so you might need to wait for a couple of days for us to update their list. During the weekends the list is not updated. Starting from today we are also printing membership cards to the registered members of the space. You can pick up your card from the reception. You need to prove your identity when picking up the card.


3 thoughts on “Electronic access control at Innovation space, you need to be registered to get in!

  1. Yay .. way to go TANZICT.. i love such stuff. it will be like am walking into microsoft of google office or some highly private governmet working center. I love feeling my dream job now. Lovely innovation for the innovation space

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