IdeasProject: Now focusing on Gender Parity and Equality in Education

On our competitions page we’ve had the Education for All Crowdsourcing Challenge by UNESCO, Nokia and Pearson. Now the challenge has entered the final focus area: mobile communication supporting Gender Parity and Equality in Education.

During this last phase of the Challenge, education experts, teachers, parents, students and software developers are all invited to participate by submitting mobile communication ideas for helping achieve gender parity and equality in education, as well as vote or comment on other ideas. These dynamic exchanges will lead to concrete projects that will then be developed and implemented either by Nokia or by participants in the challenge.

To submit an idea, participants only need to click on the Create an Idea link to the right of the gender challenge introductory paragraph. The best idea during the fifth phase of the Challenge will receive a free Nokia Lumia 800 phone and a chance to win $3000 as well as a library of children’s books.

Our friends at Nokia said that altogether over 700 ideas have been submitted already to the Education for All Challenge, but they hope to get more ideas especially from Africa.

So let’s do it! Next Wednesday (28.3.) we have the Office Hours on competitions again at the Innovation space, so we can work on the ideas together.

The focus on Gender Parity and Equality in Education ends April 10th and the whole EFA Challenge ends on May 31st.

More details on the EFA website:


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