Program for Saturday’s UI design workshop

<< Still remember this?

If you don’t, refresh your mind from the earlier post. The first part of the User-Interface Design workshop is coming up this Saturday from 3pm-6pm. Shortly after the Dar GTUG Beautiful Coding Best Practices session, so there’s lot going for coming to learn about both topics this Saturday!

Gisella Gallenca, the workshop facilitator, just sent us the program for the first Saturday so you can have a look on the topics you’ll learn and discuss about:

1) Intro about design, design for utility and user interfaces
2) Affordances: how objects communicate their function
3) Users: how do they act? how do they interpret?
4) Principles of User Centered Design
5) Design for errors
6) Products, habits and contexts of use
7) When efficiency is not the key point
8) Common design mistakes
— pause —
9) The design process: phases, tools, techniques
10) User center design for innovation
11) Guidelines for UI Design
12) Online resources
13) Time for questions etc.

That’s a lot of good stuff! If you’re interested but haven’t registered yet, please register with the form at the end of the earlier post.


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