“What do you like to do on Saturdays?”

“I like to spend them learning about coding and UI design, don’t you?”

This unlikely(?) discussion might have taken place with a surprisingly big number of people as the two sessions on Saturday filled the Innovation Space with coding and user-interface design enthusiasts.

Dar GTUG started off the day at 10am with Beautiful Code Design Best Practices, consisting of two presentations: Beautiful Code by Mbwana Mbura and Better Software by Alex Makumuli. You can download the presentations from the Dar GTUG website. It was a cool experience to see an almost 40-minute Google Hangout to Helsinki with Alex allowing for two-way interaction and questions on test-driven development and testing issues on different mobile platforms. Check out the full story on the Dar GTUG blog and if you took part, please provide them your feedback.

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Second part of Saturday sessions started at 3pm with first part of the User-Interface Design Workshop themed “Making Technology Friendly”. Gisella Gallenca introduced basic concepts related to user-centered design with some tools and techniques for good UI design. The workshop was supposed to be finished by 6pm, but still at 8pm there were many people asking questions and discussing the day’s contents! Gisella’s presentation slides and reflections are available on her website:

An excellent start for the workshop series! Please note that the next session, Part 2 on practical UI design and testing will be on Saturday April 14th instead of next Saturday, April 7th, as participants in the workshop agreed to move it pass Easter Holiday.

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It’s nice to share here that Gisella initially came up with the idea for the workshop to find other people passionate about UI design in Dar; having more people to come up ideas with, discuss and debate issues related to UI design adds to everyone’s professional networks. So sharing your skills and knowledge in form of a workshop is a good to way to learn and network yourself!


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