Electronic Access Control in use at Innovation Space

This morning we activated the electronic access control to the Innovation Space as we finally had all the components to the system.

This is the way it works:

  1. You need to be registered user of the Innovation Space. Register at https://tanzict.or.tz/register/ if you haven’t already.
  2. Registered users will get a membership card from the reception desk against an official id. We have sent the cards of everyone registered by this morning for printing and expect to get them soon. (If you register now or later, we’ll print your card in the next batch.)
  3. By showing your membership card OR official id against a list of registered members at the reception or guards’ booth, you will receive and electronic access card to enter the space. You need to wear the card around your neck and return it to reception or guards when you leave the space. 

So there are two kinds of cards, personal membership cards (1st batch out shortly) and electronic access cards, which you only get for the duration of your stay at the Innovation Space. Currently there are 20 electronic access cards, and we’ll order more if we need. For events and such when there are a lot of unregistered people coming to the space, we can open the door manually.

If there are any problems with the cards or with the system, please email info@tanzict.or.tz or call 076 225 7505.


6 thoughts on “Electronic Access Control in use at Innovation Space

  1. Thanks good idea, this will enable our Innovation Space remain safe and be used by those people who are serious to run their projects, share ideas, develop ideas and attend events and workshop that will be conducted at Innovation Space.

    • Hi Godlisten, the electronic access cards are at the askari desk (or reception), but we’re still waiting on the delivery from DTP for the printed personal cards.

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