The Second Girls’ Night Out – Mobile Apps

The second Girls’ Night Out had to be rescheduled once – the combination of tsunami alert and heavy rain defeated everyone. The new date was luckier, and we had four groups of ladies working on mobile application ideas for women by women.

The group again had a nice mix of people, some professionals from the mobile industry, and some who were not entirely sure what an app is when they arrived, and many in between. We used a tool called “GPS for Enterprises” which is available here

Brainstorming using the GPS for Enterprises tool, click to see all photos!

Brainstorming using the GPS for Enterprises tool, click to see all photos!

The first task was just to generate lots of ideas on “things I would like to be able to do with my mobile phone”. We used some trends to bring additional viewpoints to the table, and set to work. The ideation seemed to get easier after the start, and existing ideas helped to spark new ones.

When the brainstorming part was over, each table had nearly 100 ideas on post-it notes. The teams voted on the best ideas from their table, which were written on the flipcharts – along with some “dark horses”. The top four ideas came out in the end pretty easily, and were distributed back to the tables at the end for more planning. Each team decided to take their app idea forward, so watch this space to hear what happens!

The “runner-up” ideas were pretty cool too, and some of them should definitely be created into apps as well. We are looking into tools which enable turning information or pictures into apps without any coding skills, and will probably do a workshop on that as well.

So were the ideas any different than what might have come out in a group of men and women? Yes, we think so. Many of the ideas would be relevant to men as well, but there were also many related to women’s health and security, pregnancy, sexual harassment, parenthood… These can of course be important themes to men as well, as fathers, husbands, brothers and friends to women. So far it seems that women find it easier to raise these issues in a women-only group, so we will continue the Girls’ Night Out sessions.

We would be extremely happy to receive feedback or ideas for future sessions – and also please tell us would daytime be better than evenings? Obviously there will never be a time to suit everyone, but we are happy to alternate between different times if that would make sense.


One thought on “The Second Girls’ Night Out – Mobile Apps

  1. Girls’ Night Out – that’s nice! @Kristiina, could you do all external link to open into new tabs? we may loose visitors, like when i click on ‘GPS for Enterprises’ link, i go away this site because it will open on the same page! Just advice **wink**

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