Thumbs up to SEMA Hackathon!

The SEMA Hackathon over last weekend turned the Innovation Space into a bustling hive of coding activityOrganized together by University of Twente and University of Dar es Salaam, the event brought together 18 hackers including 3 women to work on very interesting challenges related to crowdsourcing, mapping, modelling and visualization of data.

Apparently we can think of our event timings in completely new ways as most coders were at the space already at 7.00am on Sunday morning to continue working on their challenges!

Winners of the hackathon received coding books

Winners of the hackathon received coding books – Click on image to see full gallery

Sunday afternoon the teams’ achievements were evaluated by the jury in the view of the SEMA Research concepts, innovative approaches and practical implementation. Jury consisted of Dr Juma Hemed Lungo of UDSM, Dr Rob Lemmens of University of Twente and Mr Eric Mutta of Problem Solved Ltd. Winners received sought-after coding books and of course a lot of experience on how to code a demo or working app in two days with a great team!

Here are the winners:
1st Place: challenge number 4 team ‘Geospatial interoperability’
Rosina Pashal, Mihayo Mathayo, Allan Oware Maungu (Upande), Nick Thomson

2nd Place: challenge number 1 team ‘Mining profiles’
Hubiri Burton, Charles Bundu, Miltone Urassa, Sam Samson

3rd Place: challenge number 6 team ‘Finding Geonames’
Deogratius David, Khalid Salim, Albert Rulonona, Lulu Khamis

Check out the full details of the hackathon at the SEMA website: Day 1 & Day 2 & SEMA Twitter @uwajibikaji.

Great thanks to Dr Lungo, Rob and Jeroen for organizing the hackathon! This is a fantastic example on how you all can take ownership of the Innovation Space to organize something very cool!


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