Looking for partner to facilitate the Innovation Space with

It’s a great feeling when things are moving!

Right before IST-Africa we had TANZICT’s steering committee and supervisory board meetings where we presented our plans to outsource running and facilitation of the Innovation Space to local ICT community members or organizations. The plans were approved with small changes which have now been made and we are ready to proceed.

The reason for this outsourcing & co-facilitation of the Innovation Space is that our small team can’t properly serve the growing tech community in Dar and at the same time work with several universities and living lab initiatives in different parts of Tanzania. There’s a lot enthusiastic, passionate and very capable people in Dar to run similar community events and trainings as we’ve done so far, so why not share some of the work and allow TANZICT to work more in other regions where the tech community is not yet so energized?

Sharing Learnings in Learning Cafe - You could be the facilitator!

So how will it work? All the details are in the Terms of Reference (download). If you’re interested in running the Innovation Space with us, please send your proposal to Kristiina by May 31st, as instructed in the Terms of Reference.


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