Reminder: Photoshop for web graphics training this Saturday

It looks like a nice week ahead us, doesn’t it?!

Gisella just sent us more information on this Saturday’s 3pm-6pm session on Photoshop for web graphics and told that there are 40 registrations so far, so we can still take about 10-20 more. Bomboo also made the cool poster (below) for the event, have a look and don’t forget to register! 😉

Photoshop on the Fly

Here’s a short overview from Gisella on what’s going to happen in the session:

  • Each participant will create the mock up for an homepage. They can choose to design a website that they want, or follow the scenario I’ll prepare. 
  • I’ll explain step-by-step how to use Photoshop to do that; because just basic features of the software are enough to design good quality web graphics in most of cases, the workshop is good both for beginners and people who already know Photoshop.
  • I’ll cover how to start and set the workspace; how to arrange space and contents in the page; how to use shapes, colors and other effects; how to export images needed to develop the template; optimization of images for web usage.
  • It’s very important that each participant brings a laptop with Photoshop already installed… almost all the workshop is practice!

If you don’t have Photoshop, you can download a trial version from the Adobe website. We know the download is BIG, so we’ll try to get one trial on a memory stick before the training.


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