What’s Your Social Media Appetite? Come and find out this Friday!

Now that we have René from RLabs with us, we thought it would be awesome to organize some sessions open for anyone to experience first-hand how they are working with the communities with the help of ICT and social media.

One of their sessions is called ‘What’s Your Social Media Appetite?’

What's your Social Media Appetite?

In this session René will go through the different tools and platforms both for personal and business use, explaining what kind of uses they are meant for, and how to use them properly for your business as social media platforms have become an essential part of the organisational and business strategies.

There’s no time like the present, so we will organize the first session already this Friday (May 25th) from 10am-1pm at the Innovation Space!

Bring your own computer or mobile device to try out the different things!

Please let us know you’re coming by registering here:

Here’s a video on how different people in Cape Town have started to use social media after training sessions with RLabs:


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Social Media Appetite? Come and find out this Friday!

  1. How are you going to help the communities in Tanzania with social media while most of the youth (especially in schools) here do not have the tools to do so(computers)? A good example is the government schools here which most do not have the equipment.A school like Mzumbe is good academically, but it lacks the tools to make its students be innovated in the present world of globalization.If you are planning to spread ICT knowledge to youth, start where they are most,and that is in schools or else you will keep on singing a song few understand.Work with Rlabs, spread the tools,take action.

  2. In our experience at RLabs we only give people the necessary skills to empower themselves. We use social media purely just as a tool. The real innovation comes from within the community and their ability to work together and share ideas and resources. This could be in schools, sports clubs, institutions, community groups, etc. Most of our youth in RLabs do not have access to computers, let alone the internet. But all have access to a mobile device (whether their own one or someone in the family has one). Many of the social media tools can be accessed via the mobile devices. People can innovate when they look beyond the world of innovation to actually contributing to the innovation of the world. We have one goal and that is not to change the world but to change one persons world. So the students at the school you mentioned, Mzumbe with a good academic record has something to offer and all these students’ need is an environment to innovate, whether its using technologies like social media or computers or mobile devices or any other tools, which will encourage and stimulate innovation. And in RLabs we use the champions as change agents to make a difference and spread the knowledge.

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