Invitation to Living Lab Workshop June 6-7th

One part of the TANZICT-project is the Tanzania Innovation Program, which covers our activities around the innovation space, pre-incubation, university collaboration and the TaFinn-exchange program. In the Tanzania Innovation Program we also have a mandate to explore how living labs could support communities in solving social and economic problems. We just opened a new page for living labs, which tries to explain in more detail what the living lab concept means.

We have been meeting with different communities and universities in the past few months, and we’ve identified some potential or emerging living labs that we are planning to work with for example in Kigamboni, Iringa, Arusha and Morogoro. Now that we have the approval from our steering committee and supervisory board for our work plan, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start working!

We’ll begin with a 2-day workshop on June 6-7th for all potential and emerging Tanzanian living labs at the innovation space at COSTECH. The aim of the workshop is to understand the context, stakeholders, community engagement and mission and start to formulate an action plan in each case. The workshop will be participatory, so everyone registering for the workshop needs to be working with some kind of initiative with potential for a living lab. Our aim for the workshop is also to bring all these initiatives in Tanzania together to we can learn from each other.

Check out the full program and details from the workshop flyer:

Download and share the workshop flyer

Download and share the workshop flyer

Registration for workshop has closed.


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