Surprise visitors from BlackBerry!

One of my favorite words is serendipity. It means some kind of happy or surprising coincidence and I often to use it to describe moments when people meet by chance, connect and find out that they actually have many things in common. This morning I had one of those exciting moments, when I ended up introducing Frans Lijnkamp and Shaun Hathrill from BlackBerry to COSTECH, DTBi and TANZICT.

They want to connect with the mobile developers in Tanzania as they have new training programs and a new application platform launching very soon! We had some ideas already on what we could do together, for example introduce their new development platform with their techies at a Mobile Monday in July… How would that sound?

We recorded a small introduction, so you get to meet them as well:

If you have any ideas or questions for collaboration for them, feel free to email Frans at or Shaun at Frans is based in UK and Shaun is based in Kenya currently.

We already have the Google Technology User Group here in Dar, Nokia’s first mobile app training is just finishing and soon we might have a BlackBerry developer community as well. How exciting is that?



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