Africa News Innovation Challenge Kick-off & Brainstorming session June 9th

Justin Arenstein from African Media Initiative introduced us to the African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC) on January 30th 2012 and there were a lot of excited people at the Innovation Space that evening. For some time it seemed like nothing happened because it took the organizers longer than expected to open the Challenge. But like they say, good things are sometimes worth the wait – have a look at the ANIC website now:!

The competition opened on May 10th and will accept submissions until July 10th. We heard the first submissions from Tanzania have already been entered to the competition!

Here’s a short quote on what the competition is about from the website:

ANIC is looking for ideas that will transform the way that African media work. This means that your idea should offer significant and tangible improvements to existing tools or techniques, or should propose new ways for African journalists to gather news, tell stories, engage with audiences, or sustain media organisations. 

So what does all that mean? Where to get started with the ideas? Last time on January 30th, there were very few journalists and media people in the Innovation Space. It was mostly techies. Now that the competition is up and running, we want to organize another session where the journalists, media practitioners and techies can really brainstorm together on ideas, applications and tools that share stories from Tanzania, engage the people and increase transparency and access to information.

We have joined forces with Tanzanian Media Fund, KINU and UhuruOne to offer create a though-provoking information and brainstorming session along these themes. The session will take place at the Innovation Space on June 9th from 10.00-14.00. The event is free of charge and TMF will generously sponsor lunch, so you need to register to help the organizers prepare for the event:

Read more details from the flyer and share the information with your friends!

African News Innovation Challenge - Information and Brainstorming Session Flyer

Download and share event flyer


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