Women and ICT – what next and what do you think?

The Girls’ Night Out events have been very vibrant and exiting, and we plan to continue doing that monthly. If you haven’t yet read the story from the last session, check it out!

We have been asked why we are doing specific women’s events, can’t women just join in to all the other events? Well, of course women are welcome to come to all of our other events as well, but for some reason it seems it is not always that easy. Whether it is for cultural reasons or something else behind it, I don’t know. Would be great to hear from women on that as well. The purpose is not to separate women from men, but to make it easier for women to join the community. I think we can all agree that there isn’t enough women in the ICT field.

So, Girls’ Night Out will continue. We do have some ideas for the future sessions, but it would be great to hear your thoughts and ideas! What interests you? Do you want to hear from female entrepreneurs, do you want training on technologies, do you want to go deeper into the content side… Let us know!

We will also launch a program specifically for female ICT or ICT-enabled entrepreneurs soon, so watch this space for that.

As with other TANZICT activities, we want to cater for a wide range of wome, from techies to anyone who is interested in mobile or ICT content or applications and wants to learn more. It will be easier for us to create interesting events for you, if you let us know what intrests you. You can comment to this blogpost, on our Facebook page, or email me, the contacts can be found from this website.


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