Blogging Saturday 16.6.2012

Tell your story

The blogging Saturday started with René’s workshop on the basics of blogging. All the participants had arrived with the intention of starting a blog, and most of them had already the idea and concept ready. René went through the basic principles of blogging and briefly showed the difference between Blogger and WordPress.

Rene from RLabs getting the sample blog started

Most participants had quite a bit of ICT experience, so René chose WordPress for the sample platform.

Everyone set up their blog on WordPress, and wrote their first post. We looked at the available add-ons and other widgets.

Below is the list of the blogs which were created in the first session. The advanced session in the afternoon used Blogger, so some of these bloggers are now available on both platforms.

Please go check out the blogs and comment! Also remember that the Dar es Salaam Bloggers’ Circle meets on Wednesday, June 20th in the Innovations Space at 6:30 pm. All bloggers, new and old are welcome to attend and interact. – life in Tanzania – beauty of technology – social services – events – life at school – life philosophy – Natural lifestyle of the African tribes – technology – whole region: natural resources – business

If you created a blog today in the workshops which is not here, just send the link to me in an email, or add it to the comments of this post and I will update.

New blog taking shape


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