Recap of Dar Bloggers Circle

Yesterday evening we had a session of Dar Blogging Circle at the Innovation Space. The participation was not quite big in number but it was fruitful. It was my first time to attend since i became a new blogger in town and wanted to know what the session was all about.

There is usually no theme for the event so everyone just writes on paper what needs to be discussed. The list on the discussion was about how to monetize, frequency of posting, banner advertising, and the list of bloggers in Tanzania.One of the participants just came to Tanzania and wanted to know the Tanzanian bloggers and get to know how it works around here.

The members want to host bloggers event where any blogger can present anything within 10 minutes in August. If you are up for it just holla at Facebook Page.


One thought on “Recap of Dar Bloggers Circle

  1. Thanks for sharing about yesterday’s meet-up, Irene. It was a pleasure, as always, to meet with other Dar bloggers, and to learn too that you have started a blog about something I know you are very passionate about. Enjoy the early days of your blog journey!


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