Questionnaire for Tanzanian Mobile Developers

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro

Answer and win this Samsung Galaxy Y Pro!

If you have been following our blog or the general discussion about the mobile sector in Tanzania, there has been a lot of talk about apps, different platforms, uses of mobile, great opportunities etc. But who are exactly the mobile developers in Tanzania? What are they working on right now? How did they learn to develop apps for the mobile phones? What are the platforms they are using and their challenges?

No one seems to have clear answers to these questions, so we set up a questionnaire for Tanzanian mobile developers together with E-Fulusi and A.I.M. Group to find out what’s happening right now in the mobile development ecosystem.

We would like to get a response to this questionaire from every mobile developer in Tanzania to get a complete picture! That’s a big challenge but here’s why it’s worth to take 5-10 minutes of your time to answer the questionnaire:

  1. All the information collected with this questionnaire will be public domain, so we’ll share all the results on Tuesday July 17th on our website.
  2. Additionally, E-Fulusi and A.I.M. Group will sponsor an Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy Y Pro for one lucky developer who answers the questionnaire and provides an email address for contact (otherwise we won’t collect any personally identifiable information with the questionnaire).

Open and answer the questionnaire – and please share this to all your developer friends via Facebook and Twitter buttons below!

The questionnaire will be open until Friday July 13th.


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