Greetings from Peter Kariuki – “Innovation Space Has Been A Major Boost”

Last Saturday after the Diet <Code> session Peter came up to me to thank for the opportunity to work on his projects at the Innovation Space. He said it had been a great environment to work and especially meet people. We don’t actually get a lot of feedback from the users on the Innovation Space, so it was very nice to hear this. Peter is continuing his journey from Tanzania at the end of this week, so you can still say hello and bye to him until Friday. He wrote the guest post below to share his experiences and thanks to all of us. Thanks Peter! Have A Great Onwards Journey! -Jukka

Peter KariukiI discovered Innovation Space during the gTanzania 2012 summit, before then I was working solo and thought I was the only geek in town. It was during the event that I discovered several other of my species, people whose passion was in computers. For a moment I stood in amazement as I interacted with them, we talked all our stuff without technical vocabulary constraints, from then onwards I pledged to make sure I am in an exposed environment where I could connect with them, challenge them & learn from them.

Ever since, I have been paying a visit to the innovation frequently every week, I discovered many forums & events targeted for me, it is in fact during one event Mobile Monday that my passion for developing apps ignited. My thirst for knowledge was quenched during an Information Security Forum.

In short, I can’t exhaust the benefits of connecting at the Innovation Space right from the trivial benefits e.g. free internet, free food, e.t.c to the career, social benefits of connecting here e.g. meeting Googlers, IT gurus. I would urge any passionate IT enthuansists or entrepreneur to connect with other like minded people at the innovation space.

Now as I move from Tanzania, I look forward to connecting to innovation spaces there to continue enjoying the benefits. All my gratitude to all who make Innovation Space a conducive space, and all the innovators.

Peter Kariuki


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Peter Kariuki – “Innovation Space Has Been A Major Boost”

  1. I strongly support Peter, for i myself benefited alot from the innovation space due to the fact that the innovators have beet doing alot to provide information to all people which brought diffent people together with different views about different projects and new ideas. and also one of the things i learnt is first we should start by helping the community. for sure the programs conducted are important to the development of the society. thank you.

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