Iringa Living Lab – first community workshops and a blog!

As part of our collaboration, Brent Williams of RLabs and I visited Iringa again in beginning of July. Brent introduced the community to RLabs and did the first community trainings.

We met in the computer labs of Tumaini University, which is one of the partners of the Living Lab. First two of the working groups told us of their recent progress and we discussed the next steps, after which we got to the business: training!

Brent in the first training session

First session was around gmail and setting up new accounts to everyone who did not yet have one. As some of the computers were under maintenance, we had to share and also resort to “analog” version for reference.

Analog IT training :)

After a short break, Brent continued with part of the group to blogging, and in the other lab we stayed with Gmail, practised logging in, sending, replying and using folders. Members of the group promised to teach their new skills to other members of the community, and Tumaini promised to let them use the lab whenever it is available.

Yusuf Ssessanga opened their own blog for the Iringa Living Lab, so please visit that for more updates and information on what is going on there.

Training for community leaders on fasilitation techniques

We also did a small workshop for current and future community leaders on some facilitation techniques in Neema Craft’s meeting space.

Neema will also be a partner in the Living Lab, and in August they will host a social media trainer training for deaf trainers. Brent will travel to Iringa again to deliver that training, and will also do a trainer training for the rest of the community. If you know anyone in Iringa who would like to be part of the training, please ask them to contact Yusuf at


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