Android BootCamp Mobile Training on August 8th & 11th

Android-logo. Reproduced from work created and shared by the Android Open Source Project and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License. Good morning! Another sunny day in Dar with good news for the developer community! In the recent questionnaire for Tanzanian mobile developers, Android was by far the most popular development platform with 41 % of the respondents working on Android development. It definitely seems that Android will be the platform of choice for Tanzanian smartphone users – what do you think? (And yes, full report of the questionnaire also coming soon… ;))

Now Mr Arnold Minde from SafariYetu and Mr Dickson Ng’ang’a from Zalego & trainer for the Nokia mobile apps training in May have decided to organize two sessions on Android development to get in touch with the developer community and understand the real issues that need addressing and affect the mobile app development here.

First session will be on Wednesday August 8th at 14.00-18.00, and it will be an introduction to Android software development for those that have some Java skills, have never tried Android development, and would like to start Android programming now. Arnold and Dickson will help you get started with Android within 4hrs or so, and hopefully inspire you to take-up Android development.

Second session will be an Android development clinic on Saturday August 11th at 10.00-13.00. It will be for those that have started developing in Android but are either struggling or have specific hurdles that they need help with. Arnold and Dickson will be conducting a group session in which these hurdles will be addressed and solutions sought. The plan is that in the end participants will not only get solutions to their problems, but also learn how to go about finding solutions to such problems.

For the second session you may suggest issues that should be covered, and vote for issues that others have suggested at this url: Issues will be tackled starting from the issue with most votes down to the least voted issue, as time permits. The idea is to address issues that are of the most importance to many of the participants.

Those interested should register here: Both sessions will be organized at the Innovation Space at COSTECH and to get the most out of the sessions, participants are encouraged to come with their own or borrowed laptop.

Big hand for Arnold and Dickson for organizing this!!


7 thoughts on “Android BootCamp Mobile Training on August 8th & 11th

  1. Hi Jukka, i see this opportunity interesting but most of the time I am out of Dar es Salaam, likewose to most of frirneds who im sure would love to attend such Camps, why not conducting these things via webinar? and tools like Go2Meeting?

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