Trainers’ Reflections on the First Day of Android BootCamp

Wednesday was a public holiday but it didn’t stop over 60 developers from coming to the first day of the Android BootCamp organized by Mr Arnold Minde and Mr Dickson Ng’ang’a.

Day 1 on Android BootCamp - click to see more pictures

Getting started with Android development – click to see more pictures from Arnold

Here’s a quick summary from Arnold on what happened:

Basically what we attempted doing was to try get the developers to begin Android development as soon as possible, while shielding them from the little things that usually put off beginners (knowing what to download, setting up, etc). We therefore had pre-packaged all the tools needed, so that they just needed to unzip and start coding. We had planned to have these distributed quickly on DVDs and flash drives within the first 30mins or so. It took a little longer, but it worked really well with majority creating their first application within 1:30mins or so, with the remaining time used to get to the details.

Based on the feedback we have started to receive, this has been more useful that we had expected. And it looks like there are a lot of young people out there that would like to get into programming, but are struggling to get started. We have learned a lot from this, and we will continue to explore practical ways that are within our means to help.

Best Regards,

Now that sounds pretty awesome! Thank you Arnold and Dickson! And there’s more to come, when Arnold and Dickson continue tomorrow (Saturday August 11th) with the Android Development Clinic from 10am-1pm…


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