Workshop on Climate Change at KINU next Tuesday August 14th

Here’s an invitation for workshop at KINU on coping climate change with technology from Anne-Marie Soulsby, Director of Conservation International:

Conservation Internation logoAre you an environmental innovator? Do you have ideas about apps, web portals, data mapping or users needs but want to help Tanzania cope with the effects of climate change? Or just are passionate about climate change and love talking about technology solutions?

We need you! We are holding a workshop where we will present our idea for a new climate change portal that will act as a central information and knowledge sharing hub. We want as many new ideas, thoughts and inspirational requirements from users and innovators to help shape the portal design, functionality and features.

Please join us for an interactive session on planning a new service for climate change in Tanzania.

There will be a presentation from Conservation Interaction and the development team from Inspired Habitats followed by breakout sessions for generating ideas through brainstorming and collaborative thinking. There will also be an opportunity to network afterwards.

Workshop for innovators:
14th August
6pm until 7.30pm.

KINU innovation centre
1st Floor, Conservation House
Plot No.245, A. H. Mwinyi Road, Dar es Salaam
(Between Best Bite restaurant and the Airtel building in Morocco. See map.)

If you would like to take part please can you respond by sending an email to to confirm your attendance and your contact details in case of any last minute hitches!

More information on Conservation Interaction:

Conservation Interaction is a national Tanzanian NGO, which has been established to share knowledge and make a difference. We are committed to using radio, telecoms and internet technologies to engage the public with environmental issues, and also organisations, government departments and researchers with the issues of local communities, in a two-way communication flow.

Conservation Interaction is due to begin the second project looking at creating a new way to exchange information about climate change. A website, accessible online and by a smartphone app will centralise, convert and communicate climate change news, solutions and evidence. We are looking to incorporate open source data from organisations such as the World Bank, crowd sourced data from citizens and solution journalism news items.

We are aiming to have forum discussion groups, online chats with experts and climate change concepts converted into easily understood news stories. We also want to map both sets of data, so anyone can see where scientific observations match ground level effects on communities.

However, we want to know what you would like to see in the portal, what data you can contribute and what data you would like to receive. Our developer team will be visiting Dar es Salaam and we are keen to engage with different communities in order to capture requirements.

About Inspired Habitats.

The European INSPIRE directive establishes the base for a technical infrastructure for spatial information in Europe in order to support Environmental Policies and activities which may have an impact on the environment. It defines implementation rules in the areas of metadata, data specifications, network services, data and service sharing and monitoring and reporting. The habitats project focuses on the adoption of the INSPIRE standards through a participatory process to design and validate data, metadata and service specifications with citizens and businesses.

You can read more on the official HABITATS project website.


Anne-Marie Soulsby MSc.
Conservation Interaction

Registration Number: 0004484

Mobile: +255 (0) 6850 830 47
Skype: annemarie.soulsby
Twitter: Conserveaction


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