Savannah Fund info session at KINU Hub this Thursday 6pm

Savannah FundGood news and new networks for the Dar tech ecosystem from the Savannah Fund. Here’s the blurb from the KINU website:

Savannah Fund will have an Information Session on the 23rd of August from 6pm at KINU. In this session the Managing Partner, Mbwana Alliy, will go over the objectives of the fund and the type of entrepreneurs and companies they expect to back and believe would be a good fit.

Savannah Fund launched at Pivot East in Nairobi in June, a $10M fund dedicated to early stage technology entrepreneurs in the mobile and web space with backing from Silicon Valley and local participation. The fund resides in Nairobi but will be looking for strong tech businesses across Africa including Tanzania.


  • Overview of the accelerator, with the first class applications now due by 31st August and inaugural class to start in late September and what to expect from the 3 month program
  • What we look for in applicants of the accelerator and how do you know whether you should apply or not?
  • What to expect during the interview process. Yes, we even have a coding test… (we are serious)
  • How will the mentoring process work and what you can expect to get out of the program.
  • How do Savannah Fund treats applications to the accelerator. Confidentiality, NDAs, assurances etc.


  • Is Savannah Fund an angel fund or VC? What is the difference?
  • What sort of companies we look for that are funded outside the accelerator
  • Criteria for follow on funding for graduates of the accelerator.
  • What kind of terms of investment can one expect from the Savannah Fund
  • Aspects of your company you should have in order and resources to help you… E.g. Do you know how to set up a capitalization table? How to think about valuation? What is convertible debt?
  • How Savannah Fund can add value to your company as an investor and partner.

No registration is needed for attending the event. Just show up at KINU Hub near the Airtel-building by 6pm (location on Google Maps).


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