Tanzania Heritage Project brought Tanzanian musicians to Innovation Space

Rebecca Corey, Co-Founder, Welcomes King Kiki to the seminar

Rebecca Corey, Co-Founder, Welcomes King Kiki to the seminar, (c) Tanzania Heritage Project

You might remember our earlier post about Tanzania Heritage Project organizing a seminar on Sunday August 26th to discuss how to promote Tanzanian music online. That seminar turned out to be a great success with well-known Tanzanian musicians attending the events and taking part in the lively discussion. Here’s a short exerpt from their blog:

“Tanzania Heritage Project Co-Founder Benson Rukantabula said, “When people think about African music they think of West Africa. They think of Mali and Senegal and the Ivory Coast. But when they think about East Africa, about Tanzania, all they think of is Mount Kilimanjaro and safari animals.” The crowd, most of them musicians, stirred in their seats, chuckling and nodding, but also making exclamatory sounds of protest and frustration. “But what about our wonderful music? Yes, we have great music here,” Benson continued. “And we need to take advantage of the internet and modern technology to share it so that you musicians can benefit.”

Benson went on to tell the seminar participants about the ways musicians and their promoters and fans can use social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, among other sites, to support the musicians and draw audiences to their shows. “How much would you pay for an advertisement on the radio or TV?” Benson asked the crowd. “Do you know how much you pay on YouTube? Nothing. It’s completely free.” The key message participants took away was the need to take advantage of technology to benefit from their careers as artists.”

See the full event recap on the Tanzania Heritage Project blog here:


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