FEMTANZ trainers introducing the program in YouTube

It’s always easier to understand people explaining something ‘live’ than trying to get the full picture by reading text and brochures, so our FEMTANZ trainer-trainers put together three introductory videos on the FEMTANZ-program for all interested participants. Karibu!

[Catherinerose publishing her video soon]

If you have any questions for any of them, please contact them via the following details:

Catherinerose Barretto
068 9588 354

Tina James

Jill Sawers

On October 1st Jill, Tina and Catherinerose will start training for the FEMTANZ-trainers, but the application period is still open for all participants until October 31st. Apply now!

PS. Don’t miss the FEMTANZ Workshop on October 10th, when you’ll have a chance to experience the program, get some new self-understanding about yourself as an entrepreneur and on your sales skills, ask questions about the program and meet other women interested in growing their business via technology.

UPDATE 3.10. 15:22: Updated link to FEMTANZ Workshop.


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