FEMTANZ workshop (Oct 10th) will give you an experience of the program, new self-understanding and some sales skills

Download FEMTANZ workhop flyer

Download the FEMTANZ workshop flyer in pdf – and come to the workshop to get a feeling on what it will be like to participate!

Now that all the FEMTANZ-trainers and trainer-trainers are currently here in Dar, we have a great opportunity to give everyone interested in the FEMTANZ-program a feeling of what it will be like to participate. In this three-hour workshop the trainers will walk you through a self-assessment test to see if you’d make a great entrepreneur and you’ll also be working on your sales skills together, so everyone will gain new personal self-understanding and some practical skills. Not to mention the informal networking after the workshop over a light lunch and getting to know all the trainers!

Time and date: Wednesday October 10th, morning session at 09.00-12.00hrs
Location: Innovation Space at COSTECH, Sayansi-building, Kijitonyama
Free registration: http://femtanz-workshop.eventbrite.com

Also check: More details and application instructions for FEMTANZ-program


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