Innovation Space – quiet working space or not?

In the last Innovation Space Newsletter we included a poll to vote on whether the Innovation Space should be a quiet working space, or whether it should allow discussions, casual chats and team work to take place. Here you can see the results so far:

66 % for allowing casual chats and discussions vs 33 % for quiet working spaceBut these numbers are based on only 12 responses so far. Does that mean the remaining 840 of you don’t care? I don’t think so. You can still cast your vote in the poll!

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2 thoughts on “Innovation Space – quiet working space or not?

  1. There space is partitioned in two there, why not make one for “introverts” and the other for “extro”??? 66:33 still big number on both sides, scientifically.

  2. The right hand side also has with board, (if still there). Good for discussions, if people can have discipline not to be too loud that other tables also might have their discussions going on.

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